Sundays Supplement with Iszi Lawrence and Simon Dunn. It's the podcast pull-out that flops to the floor the moment you open your newspaper. Each week we get our fingers inky so you don't have to. We put two of Britain's Sunday newspapers head to head to see which has the best supplements. So, pull out your papers, liberate your supplements from their wrappers, and find out which paper you should have bought ... last Sunday.


Episode Three Hundred And Twenty Three

We both actually have Sunday supplements this week.

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Episode Three Hundred And Twenty Two

Another vintage magazine, another round of fisticuffs about the rules of the game.

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Ah ha

Episode Three Hundred And Twenty

No Supplement this week, so here's a peek of last week's episode of setisoppO instead.

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Woot woot.

Episode Three Hundred And Nineteen

All sorts of fun and games this week, so listen and enjoy.

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Episode Three Hundred And Eighteen

All sorts of disgusting and hilarious shenanigans for you this week.

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Episode Three Hundred And Seventeen

In which things happen and we talk about those things.

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Hello hello.

Episode Three Hundred And Sixteen

Moths, apple bobbing, and an actual podcast about the supplements.

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Something a bit different for you this week.

Episode Three Hundred And Fifteen


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Episode Three Hundred And Fourteen

A day late and a dollar cheaper.

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